• Oven/Stove Repair

  • Whenever you enjoy your delicious meal on the table, you should know that someone used an oven or stove to cook the food. Therefore, oven and stoves are some of the appliances that we cannot live without. It clear that almost 80% of what we eat must be cooked using either oven or other appliances. They save a lot of time, unlike the old method where one had to lite the fire. Is even easier that we have ovens that use electricity and all you need to do is to switch on and off. It’s advisable to learn about any household equipment that you are using; these helps you anytime a problem arises, and you are all alone in the house. The appliances that we use needs repair to work more efficiently. Always ask for help from professions if you are not familiar with the machines that you are using. These will assist you from causing more damage while trying to fix the oven by yourself. At the end of this article, you will be able to diagnose the problem and preventive measures.

    The following are ways to know if your oven needs repair or not,

    • If you realize that your oven or stove overcooks or undercooks food, there is a problem that needs to be fixed. At this point, the internal temperature should be tested by a regular oven thermometer. Here is a simple test you should carry out even in the absence of an expert. Hang the thermometer on the oven's rack, after that now set the oven at a particular temperature about 10 to 15 minutes to get the internal thermostat. If you notice a significant difference automatically, your oven needs repair.

    • If your oven fails to heat food in the required standards, these could be due to either:

    The cables have disconnected somewhere; it could also be the heating elements. And for the oven that uses gas, the inlets might have blocked. These are problems that one can fix with the use if screwdrivers and replacing the worn-out parts without asking help from and expert.  

    After discovering the problem in your oven, now it’s time to repair. The observations you made will help you to know what is being replaced, and you will not have a hard time while purchasing them. These helps you save money since some appliance experts will take advantage of you. Some might go to an extent of overcharging the actual problem, and these are why I said that we should be conversant with the home appliances that we use.

    In case you are repairing the oven by yourself here are some of the precautions.

    I. The first thing which might seem obvious is that the power should be disconnected. These are something that most people tend to forget. By turning off power or unplugging your stove is simply to prevent you from being electrocuted.

    II. If you are using gas oven or stove, you should be keener because gas should be handled with a lot of care. Make sure that the gas source is completely off or disconnected. Working while the gas is on, the gas could leak leading to the danger of fire.

    III. Since you are not an expert, don’t do it your way completely. Remember there are helpful manual booklets that are sold together with the oven. They will be useful since they provide even diagrams to help you understand how to operate your oven. If you misplaced your booklet don’t worry since nowadays, we could get any information that we require on the internet.

    IV. Now you have the repair parts and ready to work on your oven. Once you are done, plug your one and switch on the power. In case you notice a weird behavior such as smoke or sparks, turn off immediately and seek assistance from experts.

    We are now able to diagnose the problem and carry out repair process. On the other hand, these are problems that we can as well prevent. Ovens should always be kept clean, and any kitchen stewards should also make sure there is no grease and oil buildup to prevent fire. Despite the fact that you can repair yourself, it’s always good to call professional appliance repair companies for assistance. Even if it might be costly, it's worth for your life safety.