• Refrigerator Repair

  • The fridge is a must have appliance in your kitchen. It is what keeps your food cool and fresh and saves you daily trips to the grocery store. But even something as resilient and massive as a fridge can break down. Some of the most common refrigerator problems may include Water leakage, too much noise, an ice cube breakdown and a cooling failure.

    You can personally diagnose the above stated fridge problems as discussed below so as to save some money and avoid inconveniences as well as expenses of service appointment. You don't have to suffer from spoilage and noise and all other problems created when your freezer develops problems or stops working.
    Things you should look for before considering which area or part of the refrigerator requires repair include:
    Check whether the refrigerator is plugged in properly into a working/functioning socket.A partially connected refrigerator may not work normally.

    Examine the wiring and cord of the refrigerator .A cord which is worn could be the reason as to why the refrigerator is not working.

    See that the door of the freezer is closing properly. Check whether the seals allows the refrigerator to close with a seal which is airtight. 

    Check whether your refrigerator is energy star compliant so that it is capable of avoiding excess consumption of energy. You should also inspect the owners manual which have basic tips of troubleshooting any problems that may occur. See if the freezer is still under warranty especially when the repair requires professional.

    The following are common refrigerator problems and how they can be repaired or diagnosed:

    Water leaking from the refrigerator - Water leaking may be as a result of damaged drain pan at the foot of the the refrigerator, lines to the water dispenser are damaged or broken, leaks at the inlet valve/tubes in the fridge or tilted refrigerator.

    The solution? In case there is a leak at the inlet valve you should tighten the compression nuts. You can also replace the copper/plastic tube if it is leaking. Another option is to level your fridge since a badly tilted refrigerator cause the spilling out of water out of the pan.You can replace a damaged drain pan if needed. If the lines to the dispenser are damaged, you should call a repair professional since this is always a complicated repair problem.

    Noisy fridge - Louder as well as unfamiliar sounds are signs of trouble in your refrigerator. This may be caused by a loose screw or the fan and the compressor's spinning motors are not properly lubricated.
    How to repair a noisy refrigerator? Lubricate the motors regularly. Tighten loose screws. If the noise persist,you can replace the screws with new ones or the motors.
    Ice cube breakdown problem - Repair is required if the ice maker does not rumble when you press on the ice dispenser. This problem may be caused by loose hose connection at the back of the refrigerator which prevents water from reaching the appliance,damaged water inlet valve, a stuck feeler arm which prevents production of ice or the heater needed to keep the ice cubes from freezing comes on every few minutes.
    How to diagnose ice cube breakdown problem? Tighten the hose connection at the back of your refrigerator. Unblock the feeler arm which is very easy to unblock when you locate it. Replace water inlet valve if damaged. You can also contact a refrigerator repair professional in case your refrigerator is experiencing the above mentioned problems and you are not in position of repairing it.

    Cooling failure - The freezer may fail to cool due to broken door seal, dust and debris on the condenser coils which inhibit cooling and may cause overheating. Another options are that the refrigerator thermostat is set too high, a malfunctioning/defective fan which may be blowing frigid air into the freezer via the fridge side of the unit or the compressor is on the fritz.
    Repair and solution to cooling failure? You need to lower the thermostat if it is set too high. Replace the broken door seal with new one to solve this problem. Do thorough cleaning in case the condenser coils and other parts of the refrigerator contains dust,debris and dirt.Note that the cleaning should be done using a small amount of mild soap mixed with water and a scrub.Scrub the refrigerator walls,roof and floor as well as its handles and the seals that allow the freezer door to close air tight. Replace a defective fan if needed

    Never repair a broken refrigerator if you are not informed on how to do it.Tempering carelessly with it may cause more damage than good.You may end up damaging the entire refrigerator beyond repair.Contact an repair expert or professional in case your refrigerator is needs special attention or is completely damaged.