• Use & Care Tips

  • Household appliances are not cheap, particularly the washing machine and cooker, but more often than not, we don’t take care of these the way we should. Your washing machine is probably on for hours every day and if you want it to last for any length of time, you need to take care of it. The same applies to all home appliances, they won’t last if you don’t spend time looking after them. Always consider that there may be a time when you want to sell your appliances and you are instantly ruining your chance of making money if you don’t keep them in good condition. If you want to ensure you preserve your home appliances, these use & care tips should keep you on the right track.

    Read the Instructions

    It may seem self-explanatory but it is important to read the instructions for your home appliances to ensure you know how to work them correctly. If you are not using your appliances correctly, for instance, the temperature is too high on your washing machine, it might not only ruin your clothes but also your appliances. In the same respect, don’t pile your washing machine until it is fit to burst or put items in your microwave which really shouldn’t be there. 

    Keep it Clean

    Quite simply, if you don’t keep your home appliances clean, they are unlikely to work. For instance, if you find that your hoover isn’t picking up crumbs anymore, you probably need to clean the roller or empty the bag. In the same way, your cooker can quite quickly build up with waste and this can prevent it from working as well as it should. It is important to clean all of your home appliances on a regular basis, at least once a month if you want to preserve them. It is not a task most of us enjoy, but the more often you do it, the easier it will be when you do get to work.

    Electrical Checks

    If you rent your home, your landlord should be keeping on top of your electrical checks, with a maintenance person looking at your appliances. If this hasn’t happened, you may want to give them a nudge and ask when you should expect it. If you own your home, it is your own responsibility to look after your electricalappliances. If you notice that something doesn’t quite look right, like the wire fraying on your plug, don’t risk your life by plugging it in.

    Reduce Usage

    The more you use your home appliances, the less effective they will become, so it is a good idea to try and reduce your usage wherever possible. For instance, if you return from holiday with cases full of clothes, rather than putting the washing machine through 50 cycles, take them to your local laundrette. You should always switch off your home appliances when you are finished with them too, as this can use up energy and reduce the shelf life of your appliances.

    Don’t Misuse

    If you have children or pets running about, it can be very difficult to stop them from wanting to crawl into the washing machine or take a closer look at the oven. The misuse of home appliances can lead to breakages, which can instantly stop them from working, so if you want to help preserve the life of your appliances, try to keep both pets and children at bay.


    If there are any repairs needed with your home appliances, make sure you see to them straight away, as the longer you leave them, the more likely it is that they will become irreparable. There may be some repairs that you can carry out but if not, there are maintenance people who can carry out repairs, so don’t attempt it yourself if you don’t really know what you are doing. If you rent your home, your landlord should take care of repairs, so let them know straight away if there are any issues. Otherwise, it is your own responsibility. The most important point is that you don’t leave it too long. 

    As long as you keep on top of these simple maintenance tips, you should find that your home appliances last for as long as you need them. There is no better way to save yourself money.