• Washer Repair

  • Do you have a washing machine in your home? Well, if you don’t have try to make more effort to purchase one. When new technology came people are transforming their life styles to digital one. Currently house wives are preferring to use washer to clean their dirty wardrobes than employing house helps, who will demand for payment at the end of the day.

    Generally this is a device which is used to wash laundries like bed sheets, blankets, heavy towels and other garments. It uses electric power, water and also detergents, this means that when there is no power it cannot work.

    In most places washing machine is placed where there is enough space and also where there is a good drainage of water, because when water is full you have to remove it and use clean one. Infact when you visit some of your friends you will find that they have a special room for washing. This area contains all necessary requirements for laundry and also this is where dirty clothes are stored before they are cleaned.

    After technology was introduced this machine has really helped a lot. There before laundering were done manually. During this time it was a very tiresome task for women, because they were doing it by soaking the clothes which was very challenging to remove the dirt like the jeans trousers and heavy towels. The best method of washing them was to soak using warm water, put enough soap then used brush to scrub them well.

    Lastly it’s good to learn that this appliance must be taken care to avoid damage. It’s advisable keep on monitoring it, if it has some complications, make sure that you consult a professional to check it.

    Here ways of diagnosing your washing machine problems and how to repair it;

    1. When leaking

    When water is leaking from your device it obvious comes from the hoses. This problem must be observed during washing, water it must be leaking from the connection of the pipes continuously. This can be solved by consulting an expert who will ensure that the pipes which are installed in your machine are stainless-steel and are well fitted. Outflow can also be caused by bursting of the hoses, make sure you replace the leaking one with stronger one which cannot burst.

    2. When not functioning

    This means that if it’s not working it must be off, so isn’t getting the power. Sometimes it don’t run when it was almost to resume back for the next cycle. This fault can result due to overload. If you have overloaded the machine, try to reduce the load and restart it again. Remember to plug in and turn it on from the main switch, also look at the power cord and if necessary replace it.
    lastly if the washer will not restart and work, make an effort of looking for appliance expert who will understand the origin of the problem. This is the person who will diagnose this fault well and repair it great.

    3. When making a lot of noise

    Noise can result when there is something which is trapped on the drum. When doing your cleaning you can put bra wires or a piece of coin even without knowing, and they lead to noise making. There are washers which you can remove the drum, by holding the drum paddles to check those thing which are contributing to the noise. Also deteriorating of bearing can cause such sound, so you can call for a professional to check on them. If they need replacement, you can buy new one for installation.

    4. When the door is not opening

    Sometimes when the washing machine has water inside, it’s very difficult for the door to open, because it don’t release the lock to avoid flooding after it opens. If it sense that it’s not safe to open it will not relief the lock. What you should do is to switch off the machine and give it time, then try to open the door slowly and it will open. Keeping on struggling with the door will damage it completely, if you can’t open it try to call for a skillful person who will handle this problem.

    5. When producing bad smell

    This is very common to the users who are using low temperature to wash their outfits. When washing your clothes using cold water bad smell will remain inside. Try to run it with hot wash, because it clears the dirtiness. Some detergents contributes to such odor whereby they create bacteria inside the device which develops the smell.

    6. When is not rotating

    You can check first if the machine is spinning small load, if it’s working well increase the load and check again how it’s functioning. If it’s not rotating request for a professional to confirm whether the drainage is well, or the filter which can be blocked by some things like a brush worn pieces.

    7. When not draining

    Confirm if the drainage is performing great, if it has problem look for a trained person to full out the water is the device is full.